10 Small Ways to Change Your Family’s Diet for the Better

by Together Counts Partner | March 1, 2016 at 8:51 am | comments


As a Together Counts™ ambassador, we recognize the importance of a healthy lifestyle for individuals and families and how the choices we make each day can impact that healthy lifestyle.

As the excitement of big New Year’s resolutions begins to fade, what if we start making small plans instead? Science is proving that little changes to our days can add up to big success over the year, and it may be time to start really embracing those findings.

Get together with your family this month and commit to making easy little changes like these for better health this year and beyond:

  • Add an extra veggie to your day – spinach in your eggs, mushrooms in your burger, tomato on your sandwich or simple celery and carrots for a snack.
  • Swap out that cut of beef for a leaner choice – lean cuts usually contain the words “round,” “loin” or “sirloin” on the package.
  • Sneak in some whole grains – oatmeal for breakfast, quinoa or barley in your salad, corn tortillas for your tacos, or whole wheat crust for your pizza.
  • Try ordering or preparing at least one meatless meal per week to increase plant-based protein in your diet and save a little money.
  • Follow the “rule of two” when eating out at restaurants. Order a healthy entrée and a maximum of two indulgent additions at restaurants instead of everything.
  • Add an extra serving of seafood to your diet this week for heart- and brain-healthy omega 3s and lean protein.
  • Try one new fruit or vegetable this week. Many restaurants are making this easy with a variety of exciting new choices on the regular and kids’ menu.
  • Replace toppings like syrup with fresh fruit on breakfast choices like pancakes and waffles.
  • Order your dressing on the side at restaurants, and then use only half to top your salad.
  • Go with a grilled instead of fried choice today to save on calories and fat.

These small ways to change your family’s diet for the better can add up to a healthier lifestyle in the long run. How is your family making small changes for big success this year?

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