4 Home School Tips for Every Parent

by Toni Anderson | September 11, 2012 at 2:40 pm | comments

As a parent who homeschools, a great year starts with a great plan! No matter how your children are educated, the key to a successful year for any child is a prepared and involved parent. While not every family homeschools, these tips below can help parents get back in the full swing of school.

Involve the Kids

No matter where your kids learn, have them share with you what field trips they’d like to go on this year, books they want to read and experiments they’d like to try. Have your children help plan nutritious lunches and teach them how to make balanced choices. I often ask my children if they would like a carrot or an apple, so no matter what food they choose it is a wholesome one.

Choose Curriculum

This is usually the most fun part of the school year planning. Ordering books and supplies is like Christmas for most homeschool moms. But you don’t need to be a homeschool parent to teach the kids a thing or two yourself! Together Counts has great resources for parents and other homeschoolers to help incorporate healthy living and eating into everyday activities for younger children and older elementary children as well. They’re great resources that are FREE!

Create a Supply List

Avoid those last minute errands that cut into family time by creating a full supply list for the first nine weeks of school. Kids tend to be unhappy when they get to the awesome science experiment and half the supplies are nowhere to be found. Also, add equipment such as jump ropes, pedometers, sporting equipment and fitness gear to your list to encourage activity throughout the day.

Don’t Forget the Fun

Often academics takes over when it comes to school and homework, but don’t forget about physical fitness, health, music and art! Kids can learn about art (and academics) with activities like finger painting, play-doh, museum field trips, stamping and more – activities that can include the whole family. You can combine art and music by making musical instruments then starting your own family band. Play a different type of music each morning when you start your day to introduce your child to something other than Justin Bieber or The Doodlebops!

When it comes to physical fitness, make it a family affair. Start your mornings with a walk to the park or walk to school, a game of tag or a simple game of hopscotch. Most kids will jump at the chance to visit the park for a quick game of catch before the school day begins.

How do you plan for the upcoming school year to make it an easy transition for both you and the kids?

Toni is the founder of TheHappyHousewife.com a website dedicated to helping others live well on less. When she isn’t helping others become better family managers, she loves spending time with her family, homeschooling her kids, and exercising.