5 Quick Dinner Ideas for Busy Nights

by Together Counts Partner | October 3, 2013 at 4:26 pm | comments

We all have those days when the clocks strikes 4:00 and we have no idea what we are making for dinner.  It can be a struggle to find the time to have a family dinner together. Instead of stressing over mealtime, read these simple ideas for an easy meal!

1. Sandwiches

They’re a kid favorite anyway, so break out the bread and let everyone make their own dinner. Cold cuts, peanut butter and jelly or, grilled cheese can be perfectly paired with some microwaved veggies, canned soup, fruit, or chips for a quick, satisfying dinner.

2. Soup and Salad

A classic quick meal, soup, and a salad are quick and easy to prepare. Plus, if you have a variety of canned or frozen soups on hand, everyone can choose their own. Create a salad bar for the kids to build their own salads too. It’s much more fun to eat a salad when you’ve designed it yourself.

For an even more satisfying soup meal, you can stock the pantry with prepackaged options. Just add fresh ingredients to dry soup mixes for a filling dinner.

3. Prepackaged Meals

Just because a dinner comes in a bag, doesn’t mean it isn’t nutritious.  There are some great frozen dinners in your local grocery’s frozen foods section, which are filled with fiber and protein. You can also create your own “prepackaged” meals on a Sunday afternoon, by freezing your own meals to save for a busy weeknight.

4. Scrambled Egg Burritos

Quick, easy, and unexpected. Grab those tortillas or wraps and scramble up some eggs.  Add peppers, onions, salsa, cheese and whatever else you like on a typical burrito. Bam! Dinner is served.

5. Mix and Max

There are probably enough leftovers in your fridge for everyone to create their own unique dinner. Tuesday’s leftover spaghetti, Wednesday’s BBQ chicken, and Thursday’s meatloaf can be paired with frozen veggies or salad for a complete meal in a jiffy.

Don’t panic when you forget to plan for dinner. Some quick thinking, a well-stocked pantry, and a little creativity can go a long way to make a great meal.

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