5 Spring Fruits and Vegetables for Healthy Dining

by Together Counts Partner | March 31, 2015 at 12:06 pm | comments

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Spring, and all the anticipated foods it brings, is finally here. Are you as excited as we are to answer the call of those spring fruits and vegetables? This delicious seasonal produce has both tempting flavors and fabulous health benefits, and is sure to banish the long winter blues when it begins showing up at your local market:

Peas – These sweet little morsels are a great option as a snack, side dish or part of an entrée. Peas are packed with fiber which is good for weight loss and vitamins A and K for healthy eyesight and bones.

Asparagus – He’s usually one of the first of the veggies to brave the warmer spring days and, like peas, can help boost eyesight with vitamins A, C and E. Dip him, sauté him or roast him. However you prefer asparagus, make the most of him while he’s in season.

Strawberries – Sweet and healthy, is there anything better than a ripe strawberry still warm from the spring sun? On her own or paired with greens in a salad, Strawberry is a tasty addition to a heart-healthy diet thanks to her potassium, fiber and anthocyanins.

Guavas – This tropical fruit isn’t just a delicious addition to your fruit bowl; it’s also a powerhouse of vitamin C for healthy eyesight and a boosted immune system. Guava can also help you with your weight loss goals, as it is a great source of fiber and flavor. Here are some healthy guava recipes to try.

Rhubarb – This veggie is another sign of spring and can be a sweet addition to your menu. While it’s a veggie, Rhubarb is often used like a fruit in desserts and sweeter entrees. This veggie can be a lower calorie topping for many dishes, particularly important if your goal is weight loss.

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