5 Ways for Indoor Active Play

by Small Fry | January 22, 2015 at 5:26 pm | comments

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As a Together Counts™ ambassador, I’m always looking for new ways to play with my little ones. When the weather gets colder, being active together definitely requires more effort. If you have little ones that aren’t big enough for outdoor sports or sledding, this adds another roadblock. Since our family with littler tots are all in this category, we wanted to share our favorite ideas where we can be active together no matter what the weather! You can combine these and make a huge obstacle course, or do one at a time for smaller spaces!

  1. Play Tunnels are priceless in the colder months! You can build them into forts, tickle and chase through them, and when you’re done they collapse and take up almost no room at all! If you have two play tunnels, this makes for a great race and addition to your obstacle course.
  2. Cups are great – lay them out upside down on the floor in a pattern to practice nimble movement, running laps through them, jumping over them…or if you have a bunch of boys like us – kicking them over.
  3. A Laundry Basketball Game. You don’t even need actual balls, even balled up pairs of socks, toilet paper rolls, whatever you have lying around will work! Have a contest to see who can make the most baskets!
  4. Hula Hoops are great for indoor play! You can use them the traditional way with music for a great exercise activity, or set several down in a row for a jumping race.
  5. Jump ropes are another great item to have on hand in the winter. They don’t damage your floors and they are the best for a quick cardio work-out. As soon as you start, your kids will be close by.

The versatility of these activities make it easy to customize playtime to your little one’s liking. How do you and your family stay active when the temperatures drop?

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