A Little Nudge Goes a Long Way

by Together Counts Partner | August 7, 2013 at 2:21 pm | comments

It’s clear that we have a growing health dilemma in America today; but how can we make small changes for ourselves and our families which can lead to a healthy, active lifestyle?

What we need is a “nudge” to encourage us to make healthier choices. And while it might not seem like an obvious choice, this nudge could come from our health plans.

This is where a company like Linkwell Health comes into play. Linkwell Health inspires healthier choices through a unique combination of articles and coupons. It provides health plans and their members with educational materials that motivate families to adopt healthier behaviors and try “better-for-you” versions of their favorite foods at the supermarket by offering coupons.

Studies have shown that by not only encouraging healthier choices, but also providing consumer with a way to reduce their costs to do so, almost all health plan members (97%) want to eat healthier and make better choices. And those choices add up to helping families achieve energy balance – the founding principle of the Together CountsTM program.

Specifically, Linkwell Health develops targeted materials to help health plans address specific needs and situations so their members can adopt small changes to improve their health. For example, Linkwell Health has created newsletters for expectant moms with tips on pre- and post-natal care, as well as websites designed to help families make small changes to their meals and activity levels. Our materials include things like fitness tips, nutritious family-friendly recipes and coupons for ingredients in those recipes to encourage consumers’ healthy choices even further.

Companies know shoppers are looking for healthier products – but not at the expense of taste or price.  It’s important to first encourage trial that will ultimately lead to the adoption of better-for-you products long-term in supporting personal health goals.

The combination of content and coupons has already inspired health plan members to take action. Three out of four members indicated the Linkwell Health content made them consider healthier options, and 80% of health plan members plan to use the coupons provided to them to try better-for-you options.

After all, the gentle nudge of a coupon and a newsletter sure beats the harsh slap of doctors’ bills and daily medication.

Linkwell is a member of the Together CountsTM program and Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation. For more information about Linkwell Health, visit www.linkwellhealth.com.