Camp Shane Transforms Kids Lives

by Together Counts Partner | June 11, 2012 at 2:56 pm | comments

Anyone who thinks it’s easy being a kid doesn’t remember the pressure of being one. There is pressure to perform at school, fit in with friends, be cool, look good and feel good (when sometimes you just wish you could disappear). Now imagine you’re an overweight kid:  the pressure cooker just got turned up to “boil”…

But at Camp Shane, we’ve been helping kids turn down the temperature for nearly 50 years. Our summer program encourages kids to learn to take control of their weight, health and lives –and we do it with laughter, positive reinforcement and lots of fun. At Camp Shane, no kid is out of place (everyone is in the same boat) and no one gets bullied or teased. All kids are supported, encouraged and even cheered on (all kids make the team here) to participate in various team activities like basketball, hockey, soccer and volleyball. Our kids have the time of their lives (while the pounds drop off) and make friendships that last forever.

We offer a weight loss and fitness plan built around delicious portion-controlled meals so kids can still eat the foods they love. We also offer interactive nutrition and cooking classes so kids are taught how to be in control of their diet. Between classes, kids get plenty of exercise in the fresh air of the gorgeous Catskill Mountains with activities that are actually fun, making even the most devoted couch potato want to join in.

There’s no shame or guilt at Camp Shane, just activities that have been helping overweight kids build their confidence and self-esteem over one unforgettable summer. From wake-boarding to baseball, cooking class to kayaking, and paintball to rollerblading, our list of activities is guaranteed to get kids up and moving and learning the most important lesson of all—that it IS possible to make the team, lose the weight, get strong bodies, make new friends and live a healthier lifestyle.

David Ettenberg is the founder and president of Camp Shane, with locations in New York, Arizona, California and Georgia. He is a certified camp director, as well as a member of the National Camp Association and the New York State Camp Director’s Association. David is a recognized expert on weight loss camps and loved by thousands of parents and campers for his life-changing work for more than 44 years.