Celebrate Summer Outdoors

by Katie Goodman | June 27, 2013 at 2:16 pm | comments

My kids have recently discovered the fun world of camping – even better, you don’t have to go far, to sleep under the stars. Backyard camping is a fun way to take a stay-cation this summer,and is also a perfect introduction to camping for young families that might not be ready to venture out into the full wilderness. Logan and Madeline have already camped out in the backyard this summer and had a great time.

It is easy to make a backyard campout a special family activity without spending a lot of money. Sometimes reconnecting with nature, is what we need.

We are so busy in our lives. Running from one activity or appointment to the next. Trying to squeeze errands, chores, and family time into all of that. As a Together CountsTM Program ambassador, taking a break from the daily grind and camping out in the backyard allows families to reconnect not only with nature, but each other.

Kids are so plugged in these days compared to when I was a child. A breath of fresh air is what kids need more than anything. Take a moment to unplug this summer. Forget about cellphones, iPads, computers and the Wii. While you’re at it, plan a simple family hike to add to your “camping trip” to spend some time being active with your family. Being active in nature is my favorite way to exercise.

Memories like this are what children will remember from their childhood. As parents, we just have to create the opportunity to build these memories for our children.

Of course, don’t forget the s’mores!

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