Everything in Moderation

by Renee Ross | February 23, 2012 at 7:32 pm | comments

My son has watched my weight loss journey, and although he is too young to really comprehend that my body has shrunk, he does see a difference in both my activity level and the way I eat. I, however, am not so extreme that I keep treats away from him (or me for that matter). As a matter of fact, I am a true believer of eating everything in moderation.

There are occasions when I want to give my son a “treat.” He loves “kids meals” from fast food restaurants, and I allow him to have one every couple of weeks or so. He would love to have them daily (what kid doesn’t?), but I’ve explained to him that “kids meals” are treats. I also try to frequent restaurants that not only provide toys with the meal but books! A win-win situation all the way! I apply the same rationale to enjoying adult treats. I may splurge and have dessert, but for me the occasional margarita is my treat. On days when I indulge, I watch all of the things that I eat to ensure there is space for my special treats. I’ve found that eating (and drinking) the things that I enjoy in moderation keeps me from overindulging because I’ve deprived myself.

The one thing that I always keep in mind is that I am on a lifelong journey to healthy living and I am teaching my son good habits along the way. We’re doing it together as a family, which is what the Together CountsTM program is all about. Life is not about deprivation but balance, and everything in moderation keeps me balanced!

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