Fall Fitness Starts with Family Fun Runs

by Katie Goodman | October 5, 2012 at 3:37 pm | comments

I am so thrilled that fall is finally here! My favorite kind of exercise has always been spending time outdoors being active, and for me that is easier to do in the fall when the temperatures are cooler. Though we did spend a lot of time at the pool swimming this summer and in swim lessons, and while swimming is a great exercise, we’re looking for new activities now that the pool has closed until next summer.

Since moving to Colorado earlier this year, I’ve noticed that everyone here is active. All of my new friends are running all the time. Ragnar Relays are popular, there are bikers on the road constantly and many families walk to school in our neighborhood. We even have a special “Walk to School” day once a week because the school feels that it is so important to encourage families to be active. It doesn’t surprise me. The weather here is fantastic since it cools down so much at night and our air is dry. The great weather coupled with the beautiful mountain views inspire me to spend more time outdoors being active with the kids.

If you’re looking for some ways to be active as a family besides going to the gym you might consider participating in a family race. As I’ve become more interested in running over the last year, it’s an activity that would be a fun way for us to be active together and have a bonding experience. There is a great website called Running in the USA where you can search for races based on your location and other qualifications such as length, type and more. Check around to see if your community is hosting fall themed events for the kids that might include other family activities such as costume contests, bounce houses, music and more that make for additional family fun!

Other ideas to consider are participating in charity run events. Our kids’ school will have their annual Fun Run fundraiser, but there are other events in the community, too. A great option for families would be to participate in a Run/Walk that benefits a local charity. Is your family not big into running? There are plenty of other ideas on the Together Counts blog for family fitness!

Will your family be participating in any races this fall?

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