Finding Your Fall Fun

by Brian Azzarello | October 7, 2011 at 2:43 pm | comments

Summer may have ended, but just because you won’t be sporting your swim suit doesn’t mean you should be any less active. With cooler winds ready to replace the summer heat, Fall is the perfect season to enjoy a new outdoor activity. Whether it’s as simple as an early evening walk around the block or as intense as a row on the lake, it’s important to find something you enjoy to help keep you active and healthy. Consult with the family and find a fun way to spend time together while also getting in some good exercise..

For me, Fall marks the season to hop on a bike and absorb the sights, sounds (and often smells) of the city while getting in a fantastic, low-impact ride. Nothing compares to the breeze kissing my cheek as I leisurely ride the streets, taking time to appreciate the details around me that may have otherwise been missed in the rush of a car.

Early evening rides force me to decompress from the busy day, as the cares of the day drift away in the wind. I focus on my breath,the slight tension in my legs, the weight in my shoulders and slowly breathe in and out. The ride progresses, and the tension and weight begin to dissipate. I pedal on, weaving through back streets, finding new places to explore before finally making my way back home. Has an hour truly passed?

It’s easy to lose yourself and any concept of time while cruising around the city. It’s even easier to forget that this enjoyable activity is actually beneficial for your health. That’s what Together Counts is all about. If you find an activity you enjoy, getting fit and staying healthy is as easy as riding a bike.

What will your fun Fall activity be this year?

Brian Azzarello wrote this post for Together Counts on behalf of Edelman Digital.