Five Fun and Creative Ways To Use Your Kiddie Pool For Active Play

by Allison McDonald | July 31, 2014 at 9:15 am | comments

Water Activities FBSummer is in full swing, and as a Together Counts™ ambassador, I’ve been on the hunt for ways to stay active while staying cool. You don’t need a beachfront estate or even an adult sized pool to have fun and get active with your kids this summer. All you need is a simple kiddie pool! Here are five fun ways to splash and move with your little (and not so little) ones all summer long.

1. Icebergs

Pop some bath toys in plastic containers and fill them up with water. Freeze them and then toss them into the pool with the kids. The fun begins with a competition who can melt their toy out of the ice first!

2. Turn Your Kiddie Pool into a Sit in Water Table

Clean off all your sand toys, funnels, scoops, pails, and add a few toddlers or preschoolers. But don’t just stop here, jump in yourself. Explore the water pouring from sitting and standing positions. Fill them up and dump them out!

3. Target Practice

Fill up water balloons and use the pool as the target. To make it harder use hula hoops as starting lines getting further and further away from the pool.

4. Water Gun Refill Station

Fill up your pool and place it in the middle of the yard as a communal refill station for water battles. Everyone is safe while filling up but after that it’s everyone for themselves so you better run!

5. Fairy Stew

Run around the yard and find flower petals and leaves to toss into the pool. You can jump in and pretend to be a water nymph or simply create an oasis for fairies. Sparkly wings optional.

How do you and your family stay active in the water during the summer?

Allison McDonald is the mom and former preschool teacher behind No Time For Flash Cards, a blog filled with learning and play for young kids. When she isn’t blogging about crafts and learning you can find her running with friends or exploring the forests around her home with her two kids. Allison lives outside of Seattle with her daughter, son and husband.