Fun School Night Rituals

by Small Fry | October 16, 2014 at 8:28 am | comments

Fun School Rituals FB“How was your day?” … “Good.”

Sound familiar? Sometimes we get an earful, and exciting recount of our kids’ days at school, but lots of times it’s just “good.” For this school year we are really focusing on making time and effort to inquire about our children’s days. As Together Counts™ Ambassadors, we understand the importance of togetherness and are making an effort to be closer to our families not only through meals and activities but also through simple conversation. To sit with them around the table, to do homework, to draw, to read, to snack, but to really be together before the bustle of evening cooking or activity begins. We made these jars to hold all sorts of supplies to help us accomplish this goal, but most importantly, 50 strips of paper with conversation starters. Join us! Pick one slip out of the jar and have everyone at the table answer, even you! And if you can’t find time before dinner, have everyone pick one question to bring to the dinner table, and answer them while you eat!

  1. What do you like to dream about?
  2. What is your best memory this school year?
  3. Who is your hero? Why?
  4. How would you describe your family?
  5. If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?
  6. What are you most proud of yourself for?
  7. Who is the kindest person you know? Why?
  8. What do you like most about your best friend?
  9. What is one thing you would like to learn to do well?
  10. If you were an animal what one would you be and why?
  11. When is the last time someone hurt your feelings? How did you react?
  12. Do you know someone who is going through a hard time? How can you help them?
  13. What is the scariest thing that happened this year?
  14. If you could keep only one thing, out of everything you have, what would it be?
  15. Who do you think is really successful? Why?
  16. What’s the best thing about your teacher this year?
  17. When do you feel misunderstood by grown-ups?
  18. What three words best describe you?
  19. What’s something that makes you angry?
  20. What’s the best compliment you ever received?
  21. What’s the worst thing about being ______ years old?
  22. What does your teacher do really well?
  23. What has been the happiest day of your life?
  24. What is the best thing about being _____ years old?
  25. If you could make one rule that everyone had to follow what would it be?
  26. How would the world be different if animals could talk?
  27. What’s your favorite part of the school day?
  28. What is one thing you couldn’t live without?
  29. What do you do to cheer yourself up?
  30. What is your dream job?
  31. What is one chore you never want to do?
  32. If you could be any animal for a week, which would you pick?
  33. What would you buy with $100 dollars?
  34. If you had to eat one dinner every day for the rest of the year what would it be?
  35. What’s the best thing that happened today?

Preschool Geared Questions

  1. What makes you smile?
  2. Who do you like to play with the most?
  3. How are you like mommy?
  4. Would you rather swing, play in the water, or play tag?
  5. If you had wings where would you fly?
  6. What is your favorite thing to do with mommy?
  7. What makes you sad?
  8. Who do you like to visit the most?
  9. How are you like daddy?
  10. If you could be any animal what would you be?
  11. If you could be anyone in a movie or book who would you be?
  12. What is your favorite thing to do with daddy?
  13. What makes you feel better when you’re sad?
  14. Who’s your favorite super hero / princess?
  15. What makes someone a nice person?

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