Getting Family Fit with Yoga

by Together Counts Partner | July 12, 2012 at 9:10 pm | comments

People are always looking for the next big thing when it comes to fitness, and yoga was it a few years back. Interestingly, yoga is no longer the next big thing, though. That’s because it is now mainstream. The closest yoga studio is probably only a stone’s throw away from you, and it’s a safe bet that the classes are packed.

Yoga is considered to be a physical, mental and spiritual discipline, and this multi-faceted approach to well-being has likely accounted for some of its rise in popularity. But that’s not the only reason. Yoga classes are also a break from the status quo. Most people get tired of doing the same workouts week after week and month after month, so adding a few yoga sessions here and there will end the monotony and keep your body guessing. Plus, it provides a fantastic, full-body workout that most folks simply aren’t accustomed to. The health benefits are amazing too, and include improved flexibility, increased strength and muscle tone, better breathing, enhanced body awareness and stress reduction. What more could you ask for, right? Some people equate yoga with passive stretching, but it’s so much more than that, and can actually be quite challenging. If you’ve seen some of the standard yoga positions, you know what I’m talking about. After giving it a try, most folks are amazed that they can get in such a good workout using just their body weight.

So why is yoga good for the whole family? See below for several reasons.

  • Convenient: After a busy day of work or school, it’s not always convenient to hit the gym. Yoga is an easy routine that can be setup in the house or outdoors and get the family involved. There are dozens of videos available the whole family can watch and conveniently get active together in the comfort of home.
  • Minimal equipment: Not everyone has a fully stocked gym at the house. With yoga, all you need is a mat to get started and a video to help guide your workout. No bulky machines needed!
  • Low impact: Whether you’re just starting a fitness journey or are a well-trained athlete, yoga provides a low impact, full body workout for all fitness levels. It’s also a great exercise to start with the young ones…they’ll love all the bending and stretching!

Yoga classes could also be a great activity you can do as a family, putting the true meaning of Together Counts into action. Give it a shot if you get the chance, but be careful, you might become an evangelist soon after!

What exercises and fitness routines do you enjoy with your family? Share in the comments below!

Brian Zehetner, MS,RD,CSSD,CSCS, wrote this post for Together Counts™ on behalf of Anytime Fitness. Known as the “science guy,” Brian serves as the Director of Anytime Health for the Anytime Fitness Franchise System. He is a registered dietitian, certified strength and conditioning specialist, and board certified sports dietitian with over 15 years of experience in the nutrition and fitness industries.