Making Picnics Count

by Small Fry | August 26, 2014 at 9:22 am | comments

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Laying out a picnic blanket is like making your bed. As soon as that bed is neatly made, or the blanked unfurled – that’s where everyone wants to be! Even in the biggest grassiest park, our boys love to sit on that blanket and snack away and tell stories. As Together Counts™ ambassadors, we understand the importance of making time for as many meals together as possible, whether it’s indoors or al fresco. We love a good picnic so much! It really is more than a meal, and here are our favorite reasons why:

  • We love how the picnic set-up puts everyone on the same level. Eye to eye and crowding around.
  • There’s really no way to complicate the picnic meal, every option is right at your fingertips – to refill juice, get a napkin, a new fork to replace the one that fell onto the dog, isn’t a problem at a picnic- it’s all right at hand!
  • Logistically, the meal becomes less complicated, is usually easily put together (sandwiches, chips, fruit, etc.) or even order take-out! You don’t need five pots and three pans and a spice rack to make a picnic dinner special! It is special simply because it is different than the norm. And your kids will sense it too – you’ll see them giggle and do little dances on their knees, it brings out the silly and cuddly in everyone.
  • While you’re packing, slip in a frisbee, a bottle of bubbles, or a soccer ball and then when everyone’s done eating you can extend family time into some active play.

If you’re looking for a way to shake up your mid-week routine, a picnic is the way to go!

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