Red, White and Blue Holiday Fun

by Katie Goodman | July 3, 2012 at 3:00 pm | comments

The Fourth of July is just around the corner and what better opportunity to combine some fun family time and good food!

Since we’ve recently moved out of state, I can’t wait to ask our neighbors and see what is happening in our community for this fun holiday. I have fond memories of red, white and blue desserts, bike parades and sparklers from my childhood.

 Red, White and Blue Desserts

The Fourth of July is the perfect time to showcase Red, White and Blue in your desserts. If you’re looking for nutrition friendly dessert ideas, raspberries and blueberries are always a hit this time of year.

  1. CremeFraiche and Berry Parfait from Some the Wiser is a perfect lighter option for the dessert table.
  2. Triple Berry Lemon Galette from GoodLife Eats features raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries with a hint of lemon in a rustic almond crust.
  3. Grain Free Coconut Cake with Lemon Curd, Strawberries and Whipped Cream from Deliciously Organic just needs blueberries to be red, white and blue.
  4. Berry Lime Popsicles from My Baking Addiction will help you beat the summer heat while quenching your sweet tooth.

Independence Day Family Activities

If the weather continues anything like it has been, unseasonably hot for the Boulder, CO area, I’m sure we’ll be spending some time at the pool with the family and grilling outdoors for dinner.Ask around your community for local events, or search on the internet to find something near you. Be advised about local fireworks bans and safety zones in your community and practice general common sense when playing with fireworks.

The conditions are quite dry here, so we will likely not be enjoying fireworks unless I hear of something put on by the city. But there are lots of other fun activities and crafts to do during the Fourth of July that I’ve found on Pinterest with a quick search of “Fourth of July.”

  1. Learn about Flag Etiquette and Memorize the Pledge of Allegiance. I love this free Pledge of Allegiance printable to display during July! Take a moment to talk about what the holiday means to you and your family.
  2. Decorate Bikes with Red, White and Blue and go for a family bike ride after dinner.
  3. Make Tin Can Windsocks from By Stephanie Lynn
  4. Collect healthy, non-perishable foods to donate to Troops.

What family plans do you have this Independence Day?

Katie’s lifelong interest in food has shown her that part of the goodness in life is enjoying delicious food with friends and family. Katie Goodman is the cook, recipe developer, and photographer behind GoodLife Eats where she dishes on food, books, travel and style. You can also find Katie on Twitter and Facebook.