School Lunchbox Love

by Katie Goodman | August 21, 2012 at 2:50 pm | comments

It’s getting close to that time again….back to school! My kids are super excited! We’ve had a fun summer, but I think they are ready for some structure and, of course, meeting new friends.

We moved to Colorado at the beginning of the summer and will be starting at a brand new school this year. We toured the school while out on a house hunting trip so the kids would have the opportunity to see how fun it was before their first day this fall. Another big first this fall is that Madeline will be entering kindergarten – five days a week, all day. She is so excited, she has been asking me each morning for the past few weeks if it is time for school yet!

Despite the anticipation of the first day and attending a new school, there is sure to be some apprehension as well. Being away from home every day all day long can be challenging for little kids, especially those who were still taking afternoon naps not that long ago.

It’s an emotional time, and I want to do the best I can to prepare my kids and ease them into the transition. It is important that they understand and are reminded that even though we aren’t at school with them, we are still thinking about them and love them. Here are a few suggestions to send that special message to your children.

Lunchbox Menu Ideas

If you need some nutritious lunchbox ideas check out these tasty posts. It is fun to surprise the kids by taking a few extra minutes of preparation on their lunch, whether it is stashing their favorite leftover in a thermos container or cutting fruits, vegetables or cheese into cool shapes.

Printable Lunchbox Notes

Here are a few sites that you can find free notes and jokes to print and add to your kids’ lunchboxes. The jokes are, of course, fun, but I also like the notes that give your kids a compliment while reminding them to eat their fruits and vegetables. Also, you’ll never go wrong with a handwritten, personalized note from Mom, Dad or even a sibling.

A little something sweet to eat always puts a smile on my kids’ faces, and they are known for eating their sweets first and picking at the rest of their lunch when I’m not there to encourage eating fruits and vegetables first. Try some of these dessert ideas for an extra nutritional boost.

What’s your tip to easing back into the swing of school? Share in the comments below!

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