September Back to School Sweepstakes

by Brian Azzarello | September 9, 2011 at 2:36 pm | comments

The back-to-school season can mean many things for families – new schedules, shopping for school supplies, after school practice, helping with homework – but getting back into a routine doesn’t have to be stressful or come at the expense of family meals and exercise. Instead, look at this month as the perfect time to set new exercise and nutrition goals as a family. Sometimes the activities that minimize back to school anxiety are overlooked when families are adjusting to a new routine.

Together Counts is working with the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation and Discovery Education to make it easy for families to manage their health goals during this busy time through Energy Balance 101 ( This website offers information for families, students and teachers to help your child develop good nutrition and physical action plans at school and home.

With September marking the official start of school, Energy Balance 101 is kicking off two major programs  that schools are invited to enter. Each offers a unique challenge to help educate our young ones on the importance of maintaining good health and nutrition while at school and home:

  • The Find Your Balance Challenge encourages elementary school teams to create an action plan that improves nutrition and physical activity in their school and compete for $50,000 in grants and prizes.
  • Healthy Playground Makeover Sweepstakes offers teachers, parents and community members a chance to win more than $120,000 in grants and playground equipment, with a special drawing for the neediest schools.

Be sure to visit for more information on how your child’s school can get involved! This month, we challenge families to find three creative ways to fit exercise into their weekly routines and demonstrate their Energy Balance 101 skills. What will yours be?

Brian Azzarello wrote this blog post on behalf of Edelman Digital and wishes he was back in school.