Setting Fitness Goals

by Renee Ross | February 15, 2012 at 3:58 pm | comments

I am constantly asked about how I keep up with my fitness goals. I hope that folks don’t think it is easy! Honestly, most times when I lace up my running shoes it’s a challenge, but nothing beats the feeling I have when I complete my morning run and I am energized for the rest of the day. But the biggest question is – how do I get off of the couch? Well, that is easy: I set manageable  goals. Recently I’ve been setting running goals for myself. As a half-marathon runner I’m a person that runs for “bling!” I will withstand 13.1 long miles of the endurance races so that I can get my bling at the end of the race. In 2011 I earned six medals – five for completing half-marathons and one for completing two half-marathons in the Rock n Roll series.

Goal setting isn’t only about running for me. I also want to remain steady at my goal weight for a year (which requires me actually getting back to my goal weight), and I want to add strength training to my regimen so I can be a lean, mean, toned machine! I have set some major goals for myself, and I’ve found that by sharing my goals with others (and especially my family) I am compelled to complete them. Although I very publicly outline them, it’s just as powerful to share your personal goals with a friend or loved one who you can update on your progress. Now that I’ve written down my goals for 2012 and shared them with you, I AM going to do it!

What are your fitness goals for 2012?

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