The Balancing Dance

by Together Counts Partner | September 16, 2011 at 2:22 pm | comments

After years of failed attempts at getting fit I finally had an epiphany after my birthday this year. I was chronically tired, needed to improve my eating habits and was completely inactive. I couldn’t keep up with my own lifestyle and finally decided to make an attitude shift.  I incorporated what I like to call the balancing dance into my lifestyle, instead of the common diet overhaul.

For me the balancing dance means enjoying my favorite foods but also balancing it out with activities, being flexible and keeping a positive mindset. Trust me, I know you’re thinking this is a no-brainer, but it does require you to make a conscious commitment to being honest with yourself. My personal weakness has been my thought process and holding on to phrases such as going “back-to-square-one,” keeping me focused on failure and rarely honoring achievements.

If you decide to give the balancing dance a try, my recommendation is to start with shifting your thoughts to recognize your daily achievements and allow yourself flexibility. You might have time for a walk after dinner one night, but need to take the next evening off to go to your child’s soccer game. It’s hard after so years of restricting quick fix fads but there’s a healthy, active lifestyle waiting for anyone willing to change their perspective.

What’s your favorite motivational thought to help you leap into the balancing dance?

Vanessa Ferniza wrote this post for Together Counts on behalf of Edelman Digital and has found her balance.