Time Together Never Goes Out of Style

by DianaKelter | September 26, 2011 at 3:53 pm | comments

I can name plenty of haircuts and fashion choices from my childhood that I hope will never come back in style. Despite my less than perfect fashion choices, there is an aspect of my childhood that I will never outgrow.

Trips to my grandparents’ home in Michigan have always been a reminder of comfort and familiarity. Family traditions have been created through the years, including long walks to the beach, collecting rocks and driftwood and everyone gathering back in the kitchen after an entire day of swimming and hiking. The trip was never complete without an outing to the local arcade/park for some miniature golfing or a round of go-karts after dinner. My fondest memories extend beyond my intermediate family to include cousins, aunts, uncles and friends. We have hundreds of stories to tell from our trips to Michigan, but the time together is the connection that we return to over and over.

The same memories that I made all those years ago, are now being made by the next generation. Despite the changes in technology and our constant connection to the digital world, the memories that have endured are the simple moments. The same, now ancient toys I played with all those years ago are now entertaining new children in the family. As I embark upon my next trip to Michigan in the coming weeks, it only takes a moment to return to my treasured memories of childhood, especially when my feet hit the sand.

What are some of your favorite family memories that will never go out of style?

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