Use Grocery Shopping to Assist in Easy Meal Planning

by admin | July 25, 2013 at 1:36 pm | comments

Years ago, the grocery store was just a place where you picked up your food items for the week. Over the last few decades, consumers have become busier and savvier. Grocery stores have responded to this change, evolving into more than just a quick place to stop and instead becoming culinary centers with chef-prepared meals ready for take-out and registered dietitians ready to answer shopper questions.

Now more than ever, food retailers answer the new needs of their customers by implementing programs that teach consumers how to prepare nutritious dishes at home. According to Family Speaks, a 2011 study conducted by FMI, 32% of retailers offer cooking classes in their stores – and that’s not all!

  • In-store chefs are all the rage! The demand for chefs in grocery stores continues to grow. These chefs are hired to prepare high quality meals for shoppers.
  • Supermarkets do the prep work. Whether it’s marinating a pork loin or cleaning and chopping the vegetables, retailers have highly qualified cooks to perform these tasks.
  • The relationship between grocery stores and consumers goes beyond the store floor. The combination of social media, web, email and publications keep consumers informed about store offerings as well as offers, tips and quick recipes to prepare dishes at home.
  • Food retailers go mobile. Retailers like Hy-Vee, Giant, Wegmans, and many others have created apps that not only provide coupons, but allow shoppers to create and manage shopping lists based on recipes they plan to prepare.

What are you seeing in your grocery stores that make it easier to prepare meals at home?

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