What Do Workouts Look Like for Kids?

by Lisa Gulley | April 3, 2014 at 10:41 am | comments

When my kids look inside a gym, they always ask me why people “do exercise” in there. I guess through their eyes, the gym looks like a cramped, crowded room full of big obnoxious machines (and they are right!).

Kids view the world as one giant gym. They love to jump on couches and leap off stairs. They race from room to room just because they can! They roll down hills only to sprint back up and do it all over again. They climb trees, jump rope, and ride bikes for hours. They don’t need the distraction of a TV or magazine to keep moving, they love exercise because it is FUN!

As an ambassador for The Together CountsTM program, I am happy to share a few of my kids favorite “exercise” activities:

  1. Obstacle courses: Set up various stations around the house and set a timer. Have the kids rotate through each station for a set (usually short) period of time. Crank up some fun music to keep them motivated and smiling. I have my older boys keep track of how many of each exercise they did at each station.
  2. Deck of cards: My kids love to do this workout, which uses a standard deck of playing cards to get them moving with different activities attached to each suit and number. The best part is that I can do it along with them!
  3. Sprints: Set a timer and find a set point in your yard (or park, etc.). Have the kids try and beat their sprint time to the finishing spot. This one keeps my kids occupied for a long time and always wears them out (a double bonus!).
  4. Soccer, tag, football, volleyball……pretty much any sport. Get your kids involved in playing sports with their school, or community little leagues. Not only is it a great way to get active, it builds their confidence and teaches them teamwork and can build friendships.

Kids don’t see these activities as exercise or a daily chore, they see it as a great fun and a key part of their lives! Maybe we could all follow their example?

Lisa is a former gym rat who now tries to maintain fitness (and sanity!) while raising 4 little boys. She blogs about health and fitness for busy parents over on Workout Mommy.

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